Many of us don’t have a green thumb.  In fact, many of us just look at a plant and they will die a horrid death.  If you are someone that loves plants but just can’t seem to keep them alive then you may be interested in fresh plant feed.  With this type of feed, you are able to keep your plants growing strong and for an extended period of time without water.


Plants need sunlight.  When the plant comes in contact with the sun it absorbs the ultraviolet rays and converts them into energy.  This energy is then absorbed as food which allows the plant to grow.  If the plant is deprived of sunlight or if it is given too much, it could die.


Darkness works in the same way that sunlight works.  However, the plant doesn’t absorb anything from darkness for food.  If the plant isn’t given an equal amount of darkness it doesn’t have a chance to rest which is an equally pivotal role in its lifecycle.


Water for plants is also very important.  The water is used to help absorb the nutrients from the soil which helps the plant grow big and strong. 

fresh plant feed


Pruning a plant doesn’t hurt it.  In fact, when we remove overgrown limbs, dead branches and other components from a plant that add to the plants stress we are actually helping it.  During a plants lifecycle it will grow new versions of itself over time.  Each new generation of the plant will be stronger, heathier and more adaptive for survival than the previous version of itself.


In the cold months of the year many plants will hibernate.  This hibernation process allows the plant to store energy that it can then reuse in the warmer months.  It is through this cycle of life bad rebirth we can have gorgeous plants constantly returning to our yards.