Our hands are vital tools in our day to day lives.  Without our hands we are unable to perform simple tasks such as opening doors, folding a piece of paper and even eating.  Without working hands our lives will extremely difficult and different.  One way to protect our hands is to purchase a pair of gloves from chicago glove store.  These gloves are made by hand in the USA and are excellent at protecting your hands from danger.


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Chemicals can do a lot of damage to our hands.  On the low side of damage, we can receive skin irritation and discomfort.  On the other side of the coin chemicals can burn our skin, cause us immense pain and much more.  In some cases, chemicals can damage our hands to the point that we can’t use them.  To help protect your hands wear a good pair of gloves that are rated for the chemicals you are using.

Use proper tools

Every job has a tool and there is a tool for every job.  When working on machines, wood, electrical and anything that we need our hands for make sure that you are using the proper tool.  If you are using the wrong tool or if the proper tool is damaged or defective it can slip and strike you in the hands causing damage.  If this happens you want to seek medical treatment right away.  If you are using the wrong tool, stop. 

Hand placement

Where you put your hands can either make them safe from danger or right in the line of danger.  When working with your hands be mindful of where they are at all times.  If you are working on something with your hands take a moment to stop and focus on your hands.  Make sure they are out of harm’s way before proceeding.

Taking your time and really focusing on your hands, taking care of them and the rest of your body will ensure that they will be with you helping you along the way in life.