Reading books make you clever. It is that simple. But you don’t need to be a genius to know your way around life, love, work and all the interesting facts about the things that make this world go round. But any person who has his or her nose in a book, even if for just ten, twenty minutes, is bound to pick up something new. Knowledge, sweet knowledge, is gained. Smart, ambitious, always thinking people will be utilizing strategic thinking books new york publishers put out every year to help them in their own strategizing and business planning work.

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Short of having the budget or desire to build up a shelf-packed library, strategic and forward thinking people need not venture in and out of bookstores and publishing houses. They could go via the digital alternatives. There are numerous downloading and streaming opportunities, from stand PDF documents to e-book tablet sized compartments, all for convenience’s sake. Always depending on the material under discussion, there is the added advantage of greater interactivity.

Visual demonstrations are placed alongside of the textual dissertations. And there is space for live online discussions with the originators of the material and other interested participants. But the academic, aesthetic and scientific arguments continue to suggest that is far better to have a physical book in your hands or lap. The process of reading through two pages, then turning the page, and proceeding to the next two pages, remains, quite literally sensational.

These actions stimulate the thought processes. You are absorbed and you are always prompted to think about what you are reading. Given the time constraints that so many business practitioners are under these day it remains perhaps ironic that advice suggests that you should take your time over what you are reading.